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WHY Should You Join Us?

This is where early stage start-up Fashion Designers can explore industry best practices & real-time insights as you prepare to launch your first collection, or re-launch and scale your existing brand.

CMDA has created this welcoming community so you can network, learn what you didn't know you didn't know, and LAUNCH in your own time. And since we’re talking about launching, do you mind if I get a little personal with you?! How are you really doing on your goal to launch your clothing label? 

If you still find yourself stuck in DIY-mode, and you haven't found clarity or support as you prepare to launch your own collection, you're in the right place. 

I'm a Caribbean-American woman, faithful mother of 5, loving wife, devoted sister, daughter & friend who has spent 30+ yrs as a Designer & Consultant in the New York Fashion Industry. And, I know first-hand the value of designing a life you love. If I can do it, you CAN do it too!

Has it always been a cake-walk? Nottt exactly...this industry is the REAL deal. But there's no place like it!!!! And there's plenty of room for YOU.

At CMDA, it's my pleasure to help early stage start-up Designpreneurs to navigate the inner workings of our industry eco-system, so you can move step-by-step through your brand LAUNCH process with full confidence. 

It's your time. So, let’s get to it!!!

Your partner in the journey,  --Charmaine


Charmaine has created a very in-depth class that assists emerging designers on their journey towards developing their brand to fruition with crystal clear vision. Through all of her instruction in how to develop your own brand, she provides timely must have invaluable industry how to’s and a wellspring of her years of experience! I would recommend this course to anyone that is committed to explore how to start or take their fashion brand to the next level!
--Fabienne D.

I had an opportunity to listen to Charmaine Mischel today during THE NEW ERA OF FASHION E-COMMERCE conference and was inspired. Her insights and in-depth analysis provided an essential roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs trying to build meaningful connections with their customers. One thing she said stood out to me, 'Decide if you want to  be a Brand or a Commodity.'
--Joshua S

Taking Charmaine Mischel’s class was single handedly the best decision I made for my own up-and-coming brand. The insider details provided by her are unparalleled and accurately highlight her years of industry experience. I enjoyed having 24/7 access to the community platform to ask any questions privately before, during and after our group sessions.
To quantify the information I learned into two words would be, “ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.” The way Charmaine is able to make everyone feel like they belong truly resembles a family environment. I knew I would not be left hanging if I needed extra explanations or help. This is honestly for anyone who wants to get insider details on how to launch their brand properly in this day and age especially with technology playing such an influential role.
I would even suggest this to someone who wants to fill any gaps in their knowledge on how to continue running a successful brand. Learning from Charmaine Mischel was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to see what is next for CMDA and our growing community of emerging designers.
--Dianna L.

I am so glad to have taken the Label Launch Blueprint program with Charmaine at CMDA. It was such a great experience from start to finish. Most importantly the Label Launch Blueprint coaching program allowed me to focus and outline the direction of my brand with confidence. It provided priceless tools and valuable information to help navigate the fashion industry. Charmaine demonstrated an eagerness and willingness to assist me on this journey every step of the way!, and I couldn't be more grateful. I would recommend LLB to anyone wanting to take the next step in starting a fashion label/business.  
--Ashley C

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